Create the Ultimate Event with Massage

Incorporate Massage into your event

Whether you are hosting a conference, seminar, birthday party, golf day or sporting event, incorporating massage is sure to be a crowd-pleaser, amongst your invited guests.

Use Massage to show others you care

Our aim is to provide you with a service at your event that compliments the positive environment you wish your guests to experience. Providing massage at your event will have your guests feeling relaxed, indulged and appreciated, and will leave them in a positive frame of mind. Massage will help you demonstrate to your guests that they are valued.

Event Massage Benefits

Studies have demonstrated that massage is a great way to manage anxiety and stress and boost immunity. It aids in releasing endorphins in the body, which in turn promotes relaxation and happiness. In a modern society where mental well-being is becoming increasingly important, massage has a proven record of improving our mental health. Why not include massage at your event in an effort to improve the psychological well-being of your guests?

What do we bring and provide?

No matter what the location or type of event you plan, our fully accredited massage therapists will provide your event with chair or table massages. All that is required is a quiet space, for our therapists to work their magic. We can provide multiple therapists for any size event.

So be the hero at your next event. 
Arrange for our amazing therapists to attend and make your
next event a great success!  Contact us here for more information