New Year… New You!!

Most of us look at a new year as an opportunity to ‘start fresh’ and ‘make changes’.  1st January rolls around and the motivation is high!!  For some of us, 1st February see’s us right back to where we were the November before!   Meh, there is always next year!

So how do you keep the motivation and keep ticking things off your ‘Things I will do in the New Year’ list?  We have put together a list of tips that we think should be able to help you.

1. Be Specific

Be specific in what you want to reach or the goal you want to reach.  If you would like to drop a few kilos, write down an achievable goal.  Don’t make it unrealistic.  It’s better to reach and celebrate small wins than it is to be disappointed when you didn’t reach your goal because there was no way you were going to drop 20 kilo’s in 2 months. 

Maybe you would like to catch up with friends more often.  Decide how often and book the dates ahead of time.  Let’s say you would like to catch up once every three months.  Get it in the diary now.  Send the message, make the call and pencil the time in.

By being specific, you have something to action and it’s much easier to achieve.

2. Reward Yourself

Reward yourself not only for the good times but also for the ‘Damn you gave it a good shot’ times.  We are only human and try as we might, there are times when we will fail.  You can look at it as a fail or you can look at it as a lesson learnt.  Either way, you know you gave it a shot, you learnt from it and you will put it all into practise next time around.  Reward yourself for that!

3. Move a little. Move a lot

Move a little.  Move a lot.  Move when and where you can.  Try to incorporate a little exercise into your daily routine.  Maybe park the car a little further away from the shops.  Maybe walk to the end of the street and back again when you head out to check the letterbox.  Maybe set a regular walking date with a friend that you know is busy but you would both love to catch up more often.  Put on some music when you are doing the housework and get your boogie on!!

Read more!!

Read more!!  A little secret we want to share with you that has totally changed our lives….Audio Books!!  Life is busy and often by the time we sit down at night we barely have the energy to keep our eyes open let alone hold a book.  We listen to audio books in the car, while waiting to pick the kids up, while out on our walks.  There is nothing better than to have a good story to take you away to a magical land if even for a short time each day!!

Water, water, water!

Drink it cold, warm, with lemon, with cucumber.  Drink it anyway you want but drink the damn water!!  Water does amazing things to your body and will make you feel amazing and when you feel amazing you will feel motivated!!

Declutter the clutter

Declutter the clutter!  This not only includes material things around the house but also your inbox. A cluttered inbox can be just as stressing as a cluttered pantry!

If all this fails and you are looking to ‘bring on’ the motivation – Get a massage!!  Revitalise yourself, boost your energy and make time for you!!  Why not even add to your ‘to do list’ for 2019 a monthly massage.  And guess what….you know who to call to make the booking – 1300 55 87 55

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