Massages at Your Festive Season Event

In typical true Aussie style, the end of year tends to be big for events.

Whether the celebrations are for festive reasons, a celebration for your staff on a fabulous year gone by, a traditional 12 month get together with friends or ‘just because’, everyone knows that Aussie’s throw a great party no matter what the reason (or season for that matter).

Festive massages

The Festive Season is Busy

It seems we all have weekends from November through to January typically booked up, so it’s nice to occasionally go to an event where there is a sense of low key calmness and relaxation.  A time to actually stop and talk to the other guests and not have to yell and listen over loud music or control the liquid in your glass from spilling over your new outfit with people pushing past.

We all know that nothing beats a massage and we all know that we tend to be the last ones to treat ourselves when it comes to a massage so why not bring us to the party!

Adelaide Mobile Massage at your Event

Adelaide Mobile Massage will happily attend any event and will help your guests commence the ‘wind down’ phase for the end of the year craziness.

When you book with Adelaide Mobile Massage we will discuss how many massage therapists you would require and then all we need is a space to get the party started.

Your Guests will Love a Massage

Your guests will rave about your event through to the Festive Season 2019 where they will be looking for us at every event they attend.

Be the standout, be the one that everyone talks about.

Everyone loves a party and Adelaide Mobile Massage are no exception!!

Call us on 1300 55 87 55 to discuss all your Festive Event needs.

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