Why massage is a bottom-line winner for business.

Why massage is a bottom-line winner for business.

Massage has been proven again and again, study after study. So why the scepticism?

It’s a mindset thing! Progression and acceptance is slowly changing this perception, for individuals and businesses in turn.

At work massage has proven benefits

Progressive businesses all over the world have been offering massage to their staff on a regular basis over the past 20 years. Massage in the workplace not only acts as a means to improve physical and mental health but to impart cultural change and provide healthy staff morale.  It’s a bottom-line winner!  Following are some of the ways in which a business can benefit from providing a regular massage program for their staff.


Improved job satisfaction.

Employers know that job satisfaction isn’t just about the work. An enlightened business offers a range of activities and opportunities to enhance job satisfaction and morale for their staff. Massage can enhance job satisfaction and happiness, this then leads to:

High staff retention. Once a massage program is in place it becomes part of company culture. With healthy business culture and morale, staff members are proud to be part of a progressive caring company and are less likely to look else ware.

Increased productivity. For the past 20 years, there have been studies linking massage to productivity and improved intellect. According to a survey by the Society for Human Resource Management over the past 2 years, approximately 11% of companies offered workplace massage and 3% of companies plan to add corporate massage.

Inspire creativity. The business world is stressful and fast-paced. Massage is a wonderful escape for staff. It enables them to slow their minds, relax and take themselves away from the problem in order to reset and think of a better solution.

Help reduce pain. Massage has proven to be an effective treatment for reducing pain and muscle tension. More workers are sitting at desks for long hours causing RSI  (repetitive strain injury), neck, shoulder, arm and back pain. A massage may be just what is needed to feel better, think clearer and reduce pain.

Boost your immune system. Research now indicates that massage can help boost the immune system. To help staff avoid taking time off for sickness, staying healthy during the cold and flu season is imperative. Regular massage can increase the activity level of the body’s white blood cells that fight viruses enhancing your immunity.

Massage yourself to a better night’s sleep. Studies have found that people who have regular massages spend more time in restorative stages of the deep sleep cycle. To avoid restless, poor quality sleep, especially before a big presentation or a day packed with meetings –  have a massage the day before to feel refreshed and restored ready for a quality night’s sleep.

Relaxation and ROI in minutes.  Businesses love ROI. Regular massage enhances stress relief and relaxation which in turn reduces cortisol levels (a major stress hormone). High levels of cortisol can cause high blood pressure and lower immune system function. Studies have found that a 15-minute chair massage once a week can reduce cortisol levels and promote relaxation. This gives business ROI in minutes – a winning combination with staff taking less stress days and always coming to work on their massage days!

Massage  =  Happy Staff  =   A bottom-line winner!

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