Massage at staff functions and parties

Massage at staff functions and parties.

Do you remember the days when everyone looked forward to a staff function?
The free booze, the free food and then the regret the next morning when your friends remind you about the conversation you had with your boss, clearly expressing what you thought of him! We’ve all been there!! Fortunately, much of this occurred before the explosion of social media. Imagine how much trouble we could get ourselves into these days!

‘Events’ have changed for the better

However, those days are mostly gone and things have changed for the better. There is now greater planning and purpose behind organising staff functions. Rather than it being a ‘swim through’ of alcohol and silliness, it is instead more relaxed and purposeful. Rather than there being an emphasis on how much you can drink from the open bar, it is much more about networking, goal setting and planning with your colleagues and management.

Events are planned now

We now regularly see event planners showcase the events they have planned for clients through social media platforms. What is noticeable about these events is their diversity. Team building seminars, weekend retreats as well as the more ‘traditional’ staff party are just some of the ways in which staff functions are presented. What is also noticeable though is how event organisers are always trying to find unique ways in which to reward and entertain their staff. Photo booths and lolly jars are often a popular ‘add on’.

Add some ‘Wow’ to your event

Therefore, what can you do when planning your next staff event that will give it the ‘WOW’ factor, impressing your staff and colleagues, as well as creating envy amongst their friends outside the business?

Adelaide Mobile Massage is the answer.

We come to you. Our professional therapists will be fully briefed on your requirements for the day which includes set time for each massage and the massage options that you would like made available for your staff. We pride ourselves on making the day as relaxed as possible for not only the recipients of the massage but also the event planner.

Regular contact will be made with the event planner in the lead up to the event to make sure all requirements are met and work with you on any last minute changes that require to be made.

Imagine telling your staff that prior to the staff Christmas dinner or before the next staff training session, they will each be treated to a massage!!

Make your event a success

Call to book your event or function now. Show your staff that you appreciate their hard work and reward them with a massage. Happy staff makes for a happy office which makes everyone productive!! You are the real winner here!!

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