Improving Physical and Mental Well-being of those in Aged Care

Massage Benefits for the Elderly

Typically when we think of massage we think of ‘rewarding ourselves for a week of hard work’ or ‘treating ourselves while in holiday mode’ but have you ever sat and thought about the benefits, both physically and mentally that a massage can provide to the elderly, especially for those in aged care.

Often in aged care, mobility is restricted for reasons of illness, disability or lack of motivation through underlying issues.  We all know the importance of regular exercise and movement however lack of this can cause further illness/disability.

With regular massage specifically targeted to the elderly, benefits can include but are not restricted to :-

  • An increase in mobility and flexibility and improvements to reflexes.
  • Improved mind frame – anxiety and depression.
  • Muscle aches and pains.  Can help with Arthritis.
  • Ease in insomnia symptoms.
  • Increased blood flow (improving circulation).
  • Motivation.

We come to Aged Care Facilities

Whilst some aged care facilities do offer massage as a treatment to their residents, inviting Adelaide Mobile Massage to attend to your loved one can also be beneficial.

The same massage therapist each visit

Where possible we can make sure that the same massage therapist is sent to each booking.  As the client gets to know the therapist, a bond is often formed and they look forward to their regular massage.  This then enthuses them and assists the therapist with motivation of the client as it is creating mental stimulation.  Sometimes the days are long for those is aged care and often we find them extremely welcoming and excited to tell us (therapists) stories from their lives, updating us on what their families have been doing and filling us in on what’s been happening around them.

Find Out More

If you would like to know more about our Aged Care Massages or would like to make a booking please contact us on 1300 55 87 55 our contact form or through our Facebook page.

Remember the benefits to massage are more than a great night sleep and with regular massage, the benefits can be very rewarding to not only to the client but to the family and friends around them.

Please contact us at Adelaide Mobile Massage to discuss having one of our massage team attend at an Aged Care Centre


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