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Corporate Massage Adelaide

Happy staff are productive staff. Our Adelaide corporate clients, who provide their employees with a regular massage at work, say their staff value the experience. The massage also improves overall staff performance, productivity and retention. It will also show that you, the employer, care about your staff and so will attract top talent.

Very little down time

There’s little lost time. We typically work with several of your staff timing the massage so there is little if any productivity impact at all.

Having a neck and shoulder massage provides a welcome break from the computer. Neck massages have been shown to increase productivity, reduce burnout, even decrease the number of sick days and time lost to stress or injury.

Staff love it!

Our Adelaide corporate clients who provide their employees with a regular massage at work report that they love it.

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Event Massage Adelaide

massage adelaideA successful corporate event can be exciting, busy, noisy and crowded. That might mean great news for the bottom line but it can also be quite a stressful environment. Let Adelaide Mobile Massage create a little oasis of peace and relaxation at your next event.

Event Massage is a ‘chill-out’ for participants and attendees

Having a massage therapist at your event, to provide a neck and shoulder massage to event organisers, participants and attendees, will provide welcome relief from the event hustle and bustle. The massage will be a memorable addition for attendees to your Adelaide event.

Chill-out areas are popular at conferences and including a massage stand in the rest area is something that will set your corporate event apart from the rest.

We recognize that no two events are the same. The location, your theme, objectives and audience can all differ greatly. You can expect us to be flexible to meet your requirements. No matter if it is a corporate event or a trade show, a sporting event or a product launch. Even it if is a party or something completely different, we can fit into any event!

With minimum space and no power required, one of our mobile massage stands would be a very simple addition to your next Adelaide event. Please ask us about sponsored branding, too.

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Home Massage & Aged Care Massage Adelaide

You don’t have to be a big business to get a massage from Adelaide Mobile Massage. We can arrange to have one of our massage therapists visit you at your home or aged care facility. Your massage therapist will bring everything they need — their massage table or massage chair, towels — even the music.

Home Massage & Aged Care Massage Adelaide

You don’t have to be a big business to get a massage from Adelaide Mobile Massage. We can arrange to have one of our massage therapists visit you at your home or aged care facility. Your massage therapist will bring everything they need — their massage table or massage chair, towels — even the music.

Convenient MASSAGES for busy people

Our home massage service is ideal for people who would love or really need a massage but just can’t seem to find the time to trek across town. Besides, by the time you’ve had a great massage and then trekked back across town to get home, you’re fully stressed again! Who needs it? Let us come to you and provide the massage in the comfort of your own home.

Massages if you’re stuck at home

A massage in Adelaide at your home, or in an aged care facility, is also perfect for anyone who’s unable to drive or has limited mobility. Even if it is a retirement home, nursing home or hospital, we come to you with everything we need to provide you with a relaxing and therapeutic massage.

Or maybe it’s a sporting injury that has restricted your mobility. We can help with that too! We can help in your treatment in recovery from a sporting injury. We can help with massages to suit recovery from other ailments too, like headaches due to stress, rheumatoid arthritis and shoulder bursitis. We can tailor your massage to your individual needs.

Did you know that massage can help to maintain better health? A massage can promote greater flexibility and movement, relieve symptoms of insomnia, increase energy and stimulate blood flow. Massage even boosts the immune system which will reduce the risk of illness and help to fight of infections.

Let one of our fully trained massage therapists come to you!

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Massage Techniques

Our fully trained and fully qualified massage therapists each specialise in particular massage techniques. At Adelaide Mobile Massage, we can offer a wide range of massage styles to suit your needs:

  • Remedial Massage
  • Sports Massage
  • Trigger Point Therapy
  • Lymphatic Drainage
  • Myofascial Release Therapy
  • Pregnancy massage
    A special massage style which is a combination of Swedish Massage and Remedial Massage techniques especially suited to pregnancy massage.

Whatever style of massage you’re looking for, we’d love to help you. Please contact us at Adelaide Mobile Massage and let our massage therapists massage you, your staff or your loved ones for stress relief, pain relief, relaxation and health.

Workplace Massage


Massaged staff are happy staff!

Research shows that for staff, it’s not all about the pay. It’s about feeling like a valued member of a great team. Staff value being appreciated by the company and enjoying the work environment. So, get ready to see your staff members coming in on your corporate massage day with their hair up, ready to release stress and get to work.

Massage Gift Vouchers

Who doesn’t love a massage!

A Massage Gift Voucher is perfect for the person who has everything, that person who is really hard to buy for, or that special someone in your life who’s so busy or so stressed that a massage would be just fabulous — if only they had time in their overly-busy week to get there! This way, they have the massage gift voucher, they can book in when they’re ready and we come to them. They’ll love you for it.

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Having a corporate golf day?

Here’s a great idea! Why not let our massage therapists provide a warm up neck and shoulder massage? Your corporate golfers will feel more flexible before they tee off. There’s only one problem… they won’t be able to use a stiff neck as an excuse for a terrible shot! We think that’s a small price to pay for a unique and very welcome addition to your day out on the green.

Fully Qualified & Police Checked massage therapists

You can book one of our Adelaide massage therapists to visit your home or Aged Care Centre with confidence. All our massage therapists are fully qualified, have Association Membership, insurance and are qualified in First Aid and have a Police Clearance.

Group Bookings

Got a special event you’re organising?

Like a Hens’ Party, a birthday or a baby shower? Why not treat your guests with a massage while they’re there. It’s something a bit different, they’ll really enjoy it and they’ll be talking about how good your function was for weeks.

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